Introvert Personality? How To Still Shine In Your Spa.

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We all need interaction with other human beings, but for those with introvert personalities too many people with too much chat takes it’s toll on introverted souls.

As beauty therapists or estheticians, we give a lot of ourselves away in performing treatments, listening and making general conversation.
It’s constant, and in a typical day it can last more than eight hours with many clients. It can become so taxing.
By the end of the week if we’re not careful our mind and can be so drained that we don’t have anything left to give to our family or friends.

How can I still shine above extrovert therapists?
Can I survive without getting fatigued from all the human interaction?
Will I still be popular with clients?

Don’t fret if this is you. We are going to talk about how having an introvert personality is perfect for you and all your beauty clients.

Don’t Let Give, Give, Give Happen To You.

Emotional burnout is real and can be just as hard as the physical nature of the job. You do not want to start to avoiding social engagements on your days off simply because you are too mentally exhausted to face one more person. You have to have time for your peers and life outside of work.

I was given a piece of advice when I worked in a spa and this was to shake my hands vigorously after every client, especially if I had been working on a client with deep physical or emotional needs. The theory behind this was to shake out negative energy channeled from the client.

I wasn’t sure whether I believed it at the time, but I sometimes caught myself trying, just to see. I think it helped, even knowing I was practicing a small form of self-care .

But truthfully is we need more.

How can we balance the chaos and turbulence that comes with a typical salon day, enabling us to still have energy before depletion?

For a start, you’re in the right place.


Self care in your salon or spa.
Self care in your salon or spa.

You are standing slap bang in the middle of a spa, with a beauty bed, candles, soft music…..

ANY chance you get, get on that bed for recharge . Just lie there with your eyes closed and breath!
I used to find this mini – meditation incredibly relaxing when I had a spare 5 minutes, not only to take the weight off my feet, but also to re-focus.
Remember how your clients feel after you have worked on them with kindness and compassion, how you’ve helped heal and nurture in their chaotic lives. Take a few deep breaths to remember yourself.

Another great way to get through the day is to make sure you have a few relaxing treatments booked in to perform  i.e. facials or massage treatments, as opposed to face to face treatments such as nails or spray tanning. These relaxing treatments give you the chance to connect with your client, yet zone out at the same time.
You can say to your client that to get the maximum benefits from the treatment you are not going to talk and just let her/ him fully relax. This works perfectly whilst you connect with your client through touch, yet you both chill out with thoughts in tranquil surroundings.

Additionally, get out in nature as often as you can. Eat well, move regularly through exercise, have meaningful relationships with family and friends, and treat yourself to beauty treatments too! All these require effort on your days off, but will definitely balance your soul and nourish your introvert personality.

Lastly, simply reminding ourselves that everyone is in the same position helps us see the larger vision. All your clients, co-workers and friends are burnt out, emotionally and physically, and although they may not show it due to their personalities, remind yourself that you are doing your bit to help them and that your efforts are important.

How Can I Be A Popular Member Of My Team?

Like most introverts you will have extrovert friends, peers and relatives. You get on fantastically, so of course you will still be popular with clients and staff – introverts and extroverts alike.
Introverts are listeners by nature and that is exactly what every client needs and wants. Don’t think for a second clients won’t remember you or you won’t get noticed.

Introvert goals in your spa!
Introvert goals in your spa!

Your unique trait is a major plus for your clients. They will tune into your calming nature and be queuing up to book you for a relaxing massage or facial.

As for having their nails done they can chat away to their heart’s content, knowing you are happy to sit and listen.
Your boss or co-workers will also appreciate your well- prepared and creative side (common plus traits of introverts) and they will adore the fact you sit and listen to their worries and woes.

Impact this uniqueness into you salon or spa.

As A Wallflower You Have Many Gifts To Offer 

It could be argued that possessing an introvert character is the best temperament to have to be working beauty on others- calming, quiet and kind. Sounds like a therapist I sure would choose.

But the point of this article is to show you won’t just be chosen, you will shine! Know that everything is temporary and that long, draining days won’t last. As your salon or spa grows you will get payment back in the future in terms of money success and more freedom- more time off! All is well in the world of introverted beauty givers.


Do you have an introverted personality?

How do you cope with a busy and very sociable work day?

I’d love to hear more in the comments below.



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  1. Once upon a time, I wanted to be a massage therapist. I’m a empathic healer by nature and when I learned Reiki it seemed only natural to become a MT. I hadn’t thought of the energy drain though, good point. The hand shaking off negative energy is something Reiki practitioners do too, it works. Here’s another tip for you, sage yourself prior to work for protection. Buy white sage, burn it and let the smoke cover you and say a prayer, mantra or what ever makes you comfortable. It help with the drainage of energy and blocks any emotional attacks. Not to say peope do it intentionally but they can aim anger, stress and frustration at you as they vent.

  2. What a great article, full of specific and practical tips and techniques to put into effect right away!

    I am also in customer service, and although I don’t work in a spa, I have to deal with other people’s problems and issues on a day-to-day basis. During my break, just getting up and walking around, or going outside for a few breaths of fresh air works wonders.

    Thanks for the suggestion about the shaking of the hands. This is very intriguing as I believe very strongly in energy fields, vibrations and reiki. I’ll be trying that technique today!

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