Revolutionise Your Christmas Market Trade With These Easy-Peasy Tips.

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We all know that the run up to Christmas is an effortless time to make money for our spas or salons. Hey, we don’t even need to try in the month of December!
We are always going to be to totally out-the-door, and it could be said we cash in like all genius retailers do.
But, did you know if you think out of the box, you can actually revolutionise your Christmas market trade to keep you busy for the whole year?

Christmas trade tips.
Christmas trade tips.

Is is really possible to make Christmas profit last all year?

There is absolutely no point in celebrating all the joys of the season in December only to find out the extra profits you have made stretch barely to pay your bills and staff throughout the dreaded slow start to the New Year.
Oh yes, January and February – when everyone complaines they are short of cash and the credit card bills won’t be paid off until March.
Thank goodness for Valentines Day, that’s all we can say!
So, let’s get straight into some tips for making your Christmas trade last all year for your beauty business.

The first idea is going to be a calendar for your clients.
Normally you would give your beloved clients a token gift in December to thank them for all their custom during the year – yes?
Instead of a pen, or a couple of free bathbombs I recommend their gift to be either
a: A calendar.
b: A diary.

These are the only two gifts you can really utilize to do this.
Let’s start with the calendar.
Have them printed off with a stunning picture of your business on the front and all your usual contact details. Then on the first of each month manually write in with your best handwriting what your offer or gift to them will be for that month.

Have printed on the calendar somewhere your terms and conditions which most importantly will be that the offer has to be used by the end of that month. The last thing you want is clients picking and choosing their dates. As January is going to be your quietest month, make this is an offer they cannot refuse. I would suggest also making it something relaxing and comforting as everyone needs to de-stress after all the festivities.

February and March aren’t so quiet because of Valentines Day and Mothers Day, (UK) and credit card bills from Christmas been paid, so just offer whatever you fancy. As you go through the months make sure to offer everything in rotation, plus include retail offers, or cross retail and treatment offers in one e.g. 25% off any cleansing product this month when you have a facial.
The same applies to the diaries. Simply mark off your monthly offer on the first of each month and that’s it!
Simple, yet fun and thoughtful.
We used to do the diaries in my salons and they were a huge hit with clients. They used to say “Are you getting your diaries in this year?” Many clients told me they enjoyed checking to see what was going to be the offer of the month when checking their dates.
Also I think nowadays that diaries and calendars have become less common, especially for gifts, due to mobile phones and Apps, so it’s something different and nostalgic to give as a gift at that time of year. The cost to you will be minimal as buying these products in bulk is so cheap and yet they are so beautifully personalised, advertising your salon year long at the same time.

Next up is the glass bowl idea.
Basically this should be a large glass bowl placed strategically on your reception desk with lots of hand written notes inside. Decorate round the bowl with Christmas cheer.
These handwritten notes will again have an offer of some kind. Everytime a client purchases a gift voucher or token for someone they are going to give as a gift, they get a chance to put their hand in the glass bowl and see what they have “won”. Have one in twenty with the best offer, something free, either a treatment or a product.

This keeps interest and fun going.

Many people are going to be buying your vouchers or tokens anyway, but many more will buy them if they are getting something out of it too. Again the cost will be minimal to you and everyone who picks out a note will have a discount to use, and they will use it, if you make it nicely handwritten and easy enough to fit in a purse. A business card size is ideal.

Christmas market trade all year round.
Christmas market trade all year round.

Lastly don’t forget your products.

A great way to get your clients to return throughout the year to buy more of your skincare etc. is in December make sure your clients know you have skincare promotions too. Again go for a yearly momentum with these.
As with all skincare sales it is essential to build brand loyalty,  so think about how you can tie skincare routines, brand loyalty and rewards all together with a yearlong plan.
Start by packaging your skincare beautifully in a Christmas giftbox of say 3 products.

Within the box include an appointment card for a free personalized skin in analysis in March to see how the client’s skin is improving with the regime. Make sure to include in your writing that this service normally costs $10 for example so they know they are getting something for nothing. Once they return you can pamper them, and up or cross sell your products at the same time.

To make your product loyalty campaign last all year, at six months you should be doing something similar, but market it more as a “Did you know skincare needs a re-think every six months to keep results at their optimum level “ type campaign.

Again offer the free skin analysis, but this time focus more on selling different products within your range, i.e seasonal changing for skin environments , or if you have 2 product ranges, swap, for a rejuvenated skin.

Nine months into the year hold a VIP product evening for everyone who is a loyal buyer and pamper them with massive specials on the night, demonstrations, fizzy wine and canapés. These nights are gratifying for brand loyalty.
For those those clients you haven’t had further purchases from during the year, this is also a great time to send out we miss you emails. Remind them of the great benefits of your skincare, nailcare etc, and again offer an incentive of your choice to invite them back in to see you.

Show a genuine concern in your email that you do miss them and would love to see and pamper them again.

Head on over to your neighbours with your brand of Christmas cheer.

Ultimately you won’t get many no-shows in December as everyone is desperate to look great for their parties, but when you do get that one pesky client appointment that doesn’t appear to be appearing, it’s time for you to focus on the positive and go out and spread some Christmas cheer from your salon or spa.
Get your snow boots on and head out to your nearest businesses, whether it be solicitors, coffee shops or dentists and hand them a personalised Christmas card from your business. Inside the message should read a Merry Christmas from us all at ….. insert your Spa name… and also include offers for your quietest months.

Pick three months you know to be slow and simply pick an offer of your choice. The key with this one is to pick places where you know the owners or staff aren’t already clients of yours. It’s a new client search, and Christmas is the perfect time to introduce yourself with cheer and enthusiasm.
Don’t have any businesses near yours?
No problem.
It’s perfectly acceptable to pop a Christmas card through a private residential door. You don’t have to knock or perform any sales pitching, just put that card through the letterbox.

Hopefully this has spurred some imaginative thoughts for your momentum of Christmas trade all year round and I can guarantee these practices will have some happy returning customers.

Why shouldn’t it be Christmas all year round ? In your accounts and salon profits it can be!
Well played, Christmas salon and spa angels!


Do you have any Christmas marketing tips you would like to share?

Please do so in the comments below.


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  1. I enjoyed reading the tips in this article, applicable to any kind of business. With creativity and a little modification, strategies you laid here can boost sales, even to my own pharmacy business.

    I have a question though… For a man like me, isn’t it awkward if a start a business like yours here in our place? Yes, a salon business operated by a man. I ask because, it looks profitable and as a business owner, I am interested in profits.

    1. Hello Gomer, Not at all awkward. I can think of a chain of pharmacies ( chemists) in the U.K. who have beauty salons above their shops. The two work well together. You would need to make sure that you have effective sound-proofing so that the salon or spa is not bothered by noise from the shop. Ideally a separate entrance and reception too. Otherwise definitely look into it. Many therapists, estheticians etc have male bosses and the whole industry is attracting more males to qualify in the treatments too. Please get in touch in you make any decisions or need any further help.

  2. These are wonderful imaginative ideas!

    I particularly liked the Glass Bowl one: it’s fun, exciting and efficient.

    I thought the hand-writing tip was clever, as it gives a personal charm to the calendar or diary.

    One other alternative to the calendars and diaries would be a postcard-size magnet with the year-round offers. This would have to be something colorful and beautiful so that anyone would like to keep on the side of their fridge.

    Thanks for the awesome ideas!

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