How to Make Old Shool Marketing Still Work for Your Salon.

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Well, right now I am 43 years old. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining!

I ran my thriving beauty business from the age of 25 and now I travel the world helping others to do the same!
How cool is that?
I don’t have one single regret about being in the industry. I really loved everyday of building my business and in return it served me well – bringing me to where I am today.
And I kinda love where I am at!

Old School Marketing.
Old School Marketing.

Many of the marketing techniques that I used back in the day are now considered old school. The internet and social media marketing were virtually unheard of for a large portion of that time.

However, I do believe many of these traditional marketing processes still have a valid function today, and I would love to share some tips and tricks with you.

Salon and spa traditional marketing is all about influence.

Nowadays we hear a lot about beauty influencers. If you are on not on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. and not actively influencing potential clients, beautybloggers or seeking raving reviews online , then you are behind the times indeed!
You may be hurting your beauty business by not blowing your own trumpet!

But that’s a blogpost for another day……

Today we are talking old school marketing and how it can still rock your beauty world, business and profits!

Salon or spa marketing is all about influencing people who might buy your treatments or products.

You have to convey messages to your clients that they need, want or must have your latest offerings and time in your spa.

On those days that you have done all your social media marketing and you still have a niggling feeling in the back of your mind that you could be doing more, this might be because you simply want to connect personally with your clients.

This is great!

It’s why you came into this industry – to seek relationships with human beings, whilst helping them to become more beautiful and confident in themselves.
It’s about communicating with your clients in a deeper and different way.
Not that much different than how you communicate with them when you are doing a treatment on them.

This is how they they know and trust you and choose you as their preferred therapist.
It’s all about the personal touch you give them.
It therefore makes sense to carry this onto your marketing techniques to maintain meaningful contact methods with your current and would be clients.

Everyone loves to be made to feel special, wanted and appreciated.

You can make any client feel special by offering the following marketing techniques and you will make new, potential clients feel wanted, and existing ones feel appreciated.

Here are my top old school marketing tips:

* Leaflets and flyers. Get out on foot or by car if you need to and put your up-to-date, price-list through every letterbox in your city or town. This may sound like a huge task, but broken down over a longer period you can cover this yourself. Plus it’s very inexpensive to have price-lists printed in larger amounts. Handwrite a small incentive on them for new clients.
* Loyalty schemes. Little cards with let’s say 5 treatments and get the 6th Free will never go out of fashion. You just have to look at all the major high street stores to see these are winners.
* Radio. We’re not talking advertising here. Do a roadshow live from from business premises. Offer treatments prizes in return for the first person to come to your salon live and claim their win. It’s such fun to do too!

Traditional Marketing.
Traditional marketing.

* Monthly business card draws. Get every client who visits to pop their business card into a box at your reception. Once a month draw out a winner to receive a free treatment. You will have now collected a stash of email contacts from this to email and offer runner up prizes (small discounts).
* Cross promote with another local business. Visit bridal shops for a day and provide free make-up trials. Set up a nail table for a day in a coffee shop and do file and paints, just to showcase your latest colours. Remember to leave leaflets in all these premises.
* Give talks at your local high schools and even beauty colleges. All young people nowadays are potential clients.
* Visit OAP homes and give free hand treatments etc to the elderly residents. It’s a caring and friendly gesture to your community and staff and relatives will remember you too.
* Ask for referrals from your existing clients. Have a recommended a friend scheme set up and reward your clients well for helping you with this. Don’t skimp on a reward here, make it a large one. New clients are worth their weight in gold.
* Have a thought through reward system for your staff in place for re-bookings. Without some incentives your staff will fail miserably at this – unfortunately. Reward and recognize their effort continually.
* Regular nights/days out with your staff and some of your loyal clients will go a long way to building a feeling of belonging to everyone involved. Have these at restaurants, bars, other spas, wherever you feel the favour will be returned and they will bring their business to you in the future.

For double bubble combine traditional and modern marketing together.

Old school anything is always effective. It’s tried and tested techniques that are being used.

However, modern marketing can be more effective, faster and widespread.

So why not combine the two!
Any of the above techniques that are applied and carried out in your salon or spa can be also shared on your social media.

Tell everyone on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc that you have done a leaflet drop, have a loyalty scheme, have the local radio show coming round – and all of the above tips mentioned.

Tell your story in pictures and entertaining news, and I can guarantee the combination of old school and modern marketing will have clients tripping up on themselves to get through your front door!

Do you apply any traditional marketing techniques in your business?

Will you try any of the above?

I’d love to hear your comments below.

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  1. Hey there,

    I have tried talk shows in high schools and they ended up pretty nasty.

    Most heads of high school want you to pay them because they feel you are the one benefiting the most, not that I have a problem with paying.

    But most of them will ask for a huge payment, like $1,000 per session. Do you think this is fair? And what is your advise on it?

    1. Hi Dave, I have never been asked to pay to do a talk at a high school. Perhaps this was because I concentrated on career advice, where the schools loved having external advisors coming in to talk. I was based in the U.K. at the time.
      If I were to set up a stall selling products etc at a school, then yes I would expect to pay, as I would be the one profiting, but $1000 sounds way too high to me.
      I would advise against paying as much as that, and possibly contact the head of careers advise for future events.

  2. Hi Tracy, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this as you really know your stuff. You sound like you are in the perfect job for you. You really gave me some great insights into different promotions I can do for my own business (I am a sports nutritionist) but I’m sure I could apply some if your old school techniques to this. I could probably go to local gyms and do some talks and give out flyers and hold some local coffee mornings, another great idea. You are right, it is the personal touch that goes a long way. Thank you so much and I wish you every success in the future.

  3. Hello Tracy! You sound like a professional in your job and you have many ideas to offer to clients and you know clients always want to gain in any situation. You have a good business flair and being from the old school help to build faith in clients! I am happy to learn from you!

  4. Hi Tracey, you have outlined some tried and proven techniques for building a physical business and really the same techniques apply to any business. It is all about providing value for the customer and you certainly seemed to have mastered that. I think you have wisdom way beyond your 43 years.
    Thank you for sharing your proven methods of building a business.You call it influence others call it attraction but its all about building a relationship with your potential clients. You seem well qualified to talk about it.

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