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Tracy Irvine is a retired beauty therapist with over 23 years in the business, and founder of SalonSupremacyPro.
As a young girl in secondary school she was advised by her career advisors not to choose an occupation in beauty therapy, spas or salons.
She was told it was for “Women who are not very clever” and “You will never make a decent living…. choose something else.”

Undettered she didn’t listen ; She knew that becoming a beautician, being able to make someone feel confident and beautiful when they absolutely did not, was not only great gift to have, but also an honourable industry to serve in.

Although salons and spas were pretty much unheard of in her country back then, she had an inclination there was a market just on the brink. She signed up for a 3 year beauty course at her local college. Her class were the 2nd year of students to ever complete this training in Scotland.
It was new and unrecognised territory….

After she had gained a few years experience in small and large franchise salons, and at the age of 25,  she opened her first beauty business in a spare bedroom in her apartment.
By the age of 35 she still owned the same business. It had now grown in size, property, investments and of course reputation and recognition.
It was worth over $1million……
She happily retired……early.

Through these years her salons had also survived the biggest recession the world had seen in decades. They still flourished, proving that even in tough financial times big profits can still be made.

She had started her business with only $25 in her bank account and no she didn’t win the lottery, receive large government grants or even have rich relatives.
It was all done through hard work, years of training and lots of trial and error.

She now wants to pass on her knowledge and skills to you and every ambitious salon owner who really wants to see their salon grow and see their business as a substantive money maker.
Her goals are simple :

Tracy Irvine

“I stand for big dreams and exceptional salons! I am proud that I was strong enough and I want you to be too.
The beauty industry has given me so much and it still does through the satisfaction of giving back.

I love helping others achieve what I have, and I truly enjoy guiding therapists to build and run their highly lucrative businesses.
There really are great secrets to pass on; one of them being that the beauty industry is still very much underdeveloped. There is a massive amount of potential to tap into…. and this can be done in a very organised and powerful way.
The best part for me is when I see a therapist taking her salon from barely a hobby to a phenomenal thriving and very profitable business.

They then have not only the salon they have always dreamed of, but also the life they have always dreamt of too – whatever that may be to them.” 

Tracy has worked with, trained and consulted with the biggest brands you know:- Regis UK, Steiner UK, Tao Clinics, Mary Cohr, Decleor, Elemis, Guinot, Collin and ArtDeco – to name just a few.

Further training with Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, UK saw her qualified in management, leadership and business finance and over the years she has employed and trained over 100 beauty therapists and college students.

Most recently she has just completed a two year trip around the USA, Costa Rica, Guatamala and Mexico where she visited and consulted with a wide variety of spas, salons and alternative treatment practitioners.
She currently lives in Mexico, and is a successful writer for social media, devoting some of her time to spa writing for online reviews.
Answering all of her own emails, and operating all her own social media accounts you can reach her at tracy@salonsupremacypro.com – Don’t hesitate if you have any questions for her or simply want to get in touch.

“This webpage is dedicated to all the venturesome, enterprising women I have worked for and been taught by. I humbly follow in their footsteps .
Also dedicated to all the ladies who selflessly worked for me over the years. They were committed, whilst showing true devotion to the most beautiful industry in the world .” …….



  1. Hi Tracy,
    It was such a pleasure to read your “About Me” page and to hear a piece of your life story. It is inspiring and I’m delighted that you are dedicating your time to help others. My sister-in-law was a hair stylist who had to leave the industry because of health reasons but perhaps she can find inspiration from reading your posts. I’ll send her your way. Thank you!
    All the best. 🙂

    1. Many thanks! Sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. I bet she has loads of fantastic memories from her career. Yes please, put her in touch. With her experience there is a lot she could do well with online.

  2. I truly believe that if somebody is really passion about something, they will achieve success. And You are the prove of it. Well done. I am looking forward to all advices how to build own business. I used to sell skin care products and it was very hard for me to get to business owners to present the products.

    1. Hi Marta, I understand. You may find this article I wrote interesting http://salonsupremacypro.com/your-product-supplier-is-your-best-bet-to-grow
      I feel that sometimes salon owners see product suppliers as an inconvenience visiting their salon- and rightly so, as some sales reps have no appointment, or are into pressure sales tactics.
      However a properly scheduled appointment with the right rep, with the right products, truly is the best bet to grow. It is up to the salon owner to only schedule in appointments with a rep she is almost 100% sure she is going to buy something from- because she actually wants it. Anything else is just wasting everyone’s time. PM me if you are thinking of getting back into the beauty sales or if you want any other advice.

  3. Hi Tracy, I enjoyed reading your post! I thought this was a great inspirational story about not letting others influence what you believe in! I believe that if we have a strong character, that whatever we have the vision for can and will be achieved! Often times people end up being shorted because of someones perception, without really knowing who they are! Is nice to meet someone who had the strength to stand firm in what they believed! Tim

  4. This was a really interesting article.

    I never thought being a beautician was so helpful to society. My perspective totally changed now. It’s nice to know that if people commit to their deepest desires amazing things can happen. I think the more people do this, the better world this place can be.

  5. You are very inspiring woman and have accomplished a lot in your life. I have been a cosmetologist for 22 years. I have always wanted to have my own salon. But when i had my son i decided to stay home with him and raise him. So i never got the real experience that i wanted to get. I still stayed doing hair for family and friends so kept myself in practice. Some day i would to be able be a traveling stylist. How would one get into do something like that? Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you for the inspiration

    1. Heidi, A travelling practitioners life can be achieved by doing cruise line work, or taking up travelling temp jobs. I would search Craigslist for spa jobs under the correct section of the city you are in or the local FB groups and post your talents and qualifications in there. Please bear in mind, you may have to stay in one city or town a minimum of 3 months for job offers, but they are available- especially in hotel groups in tourist hotspots that have high seasons. Everyone wants to look great on holiday! PM me if you need any other advice.

  6. Well done for not listening to the doubters who tried to divert you away from your interest in helping others feel beautiful. You have proven that you don’t necessarily need to be dimwitted to flourish within this market space.

    I hope your story inspires others with a passion for beauty to also follow their dreams.

    1. Yep dimwitted was always a myth where this industry is concerned.
      Thank you and I hope to inspire and help others too.
      I think we all have our nay-sayers, but the trick is to use them to make us more determined.

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