Beauty spa names: This will help you decide!

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You have anticipated your dream salon right down to the minor and finer points.
You know what products you are going to stock and you know which colour paint will appear on your walls.
You have even imagined opening the front door on your first day of trading, welcoming in all earnest clients.
However beauty spa names have been niggling at the back of your mind. There are so many to chose from and you have ten you like!.. or you have none you like….

You want something snazzy right? Something that will make people shout “What a great name, who chose it?”
If you just need some support in making this actually quite tremendous decision, read on!

Step 1Choose words you feel will portray your unique message.
Start making a list of names or words you could see or would love as all or part of your name.
Remember your salon’s unique style or image and how you would like to be perceived.
Go to the online site called
Type in the words you have chosen using the synonym setting. The synonym setting will then search for words that have the same or nearly the same meaning.
It’s fun and quite remarkable what it churns out.
Try typing the word beauty as a starting point. (Yes, we have tried it and three pages of beautiful words magically appear). Tip: Try also typing in the word salon.
You should now have a long list of words to give you ideas. Put some of them together. Experiment with any words you like.
How do they sound?
Now start thinking of your salon business as a brand. Unless you are absolutely sure you will never want to grow your space larger than one room do avoid picking something like “Claire’s beauty room” for example. This just will not cut it when you have a string of 10 salons!
Furthermore  avoid usage of funky words that spell incorrectly, like nailz instead of nails as this can cause problems when people try to find you online with search engines.
AND it goes without saying you should always check that no-one close to you proximity wise has the same name for a salon. If you have your heart set on a name and someone else in your country has it, don’t sweat that too much, however you should still tweak it slightly i.e. make sure you use the word clinic if they are the word using salon.

Beauty Spa Names?

Step 2Bringing it all together; It should roll off the tongue.
Now that you have some words, ideas and suggestions in your head try saying them out loud to see how they sound. Your salon name needs to roll of the tongue and sound natural, not make you tongue-tied when saying it.

Practice saying it as you would answering your salon telephone – like this:
“Good morning,… (your chosen name) …how may I help you?”
If it doesn’t sound fabulous ….scrap it!
You need to love saying your business name.
You also need to love looking at it. How does it look to you written down?
Is it the one?
Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends you trust at this stage on their opinions. They will be thrilled to be part of your choice.

Step 3- Narrow it right down.
By now you should have narrowed it down to a few possibilities. However you need to make absolutely sure that there isn’t a superior one out there for you and your salon. Keep your favourite 3 written down.
Just to be sure you have checked all options you should also check out the following sites and are both sites that will come up with hundreds of options for choosing a suitable business name. Simply type keywords you like or even your chosen business names to see what they generate for you.
You never know what ideas can be sparked here and you will be satisfy yourself that you have explored every avenue in your exciting search.
You will have a gut feeling on this. It’s like a wedding dress; you just know when you’ve got to the one! is another good site which lends itself to business name search whilst at the same time checks to see if your name has been taken as a domain name on the internet.
This takes us onto our next step…

Step 4- Impossible to ignore; Your name has to be tech savvy.
A considerable part of your business marketing and income earning will of course nowadays be online. There really is no ignoring the fact that your salon or spa name will need to be online friendly (web-ready) as well as being relevant to your business.
Across the board it is desirable for your business name to be rich in keywords that reflect what your business does.
Consider what you are, what you you do, how you help people’s decisions, what you are selling or promoting.
This will ensure that you will always rise to the top in online searches.
Make sure your business name has not already been claimed online. Do a simple web search to check. Make sure you use a site that checks back many years or even decades. The last thing you need at any point in your business is a law suit on your hands!
Once you are satisfied that no-one else has your chosen name as a domain name claim it by registering it. You can do that with our help for FREE, AND we can help you to link all your social media sites in the most effective way.

A vast and broad part of SalonSupremacyPro online community here  is dedicated to helping you with internet marketing, making money online through your salon or spa, and generally making sure you are on the right track with your social media.

Your final choice..

The message in the post has to be – don’t make choosing your business name put you into a haze or a cloud of inaction!
Yes it is hard to think of a name, but waiting, waiting, waiting for a lightbulb moment simply will not work.

If you would like any help or feedback on choosing your salon or spa name please PM me for further suggestions or advice.
If you have already chosen or have any comments on how you came about deciding on your final name please share below.

“My beauty salon was called Mint Condition. As my business grew over the first couple of years it became Mint Condition Beauty Salon Ltd ( for legal and tax reasons).
I loved it, I loved saying it, I adored how it looked written down in a logo, and my clients admired my choice too. It was relevant, fresh and original.
Pick a name you are truly proud of.” –
Tracy Irvine.

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  1. I was actually helping a friend decide a name for her beauty salon and this post really gave us a few pointers that could help us get started. We were so confused before and thought that we would never end up choosing the perfect name but this post definitely helped and let us have a systematic way of getting to the right salon name.

    1. So pleased this post helped. I am sure your friend will come up with a fantastic choice and please ask her to contact me if she needs any further advice.

  2. My mom owns a successful hair salon, and I have to say your post is perfect. Seeing her success your post defiantly hits all the things she had to do. Great job!

  3. Excellent post. I know that it is intended for spa salons but also helped me to think about the name of my brand, although I am not the owner of the salon. Thanks a lot.

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