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Okay girls (and guys!) many of us can admit that although we are the bees knees at doing beauty treatments for salon profits, when dealing with anything internet based for wealth we can be seriously lacking.
This may come as a shocker but it doesn’t have to be this way!
At SalonSupremacyPro we are here to help with your invitation to internet wealth.
A business website builder – Free for you. Free help and assistance from us when designing it and FREE domain names!
Yes, opportunity is knocking!
We are about to tell you about all this, plus more.

More often than not when we are running a busy salon or especially when starting a new salon we are rushed of our feet.  At the end of day we are too tired, maybe a tad clueless or even not confident enough to go online to leverage  profit for our salon or spa.
You are most definitely not alone!
When I had my salon and around the late 90′ s there was not much existance of internet marketing . We relied mostly on word of mouth and heavily on expensive newspaper ads.
Fast forward a few years and yes! – you could actually attain your own salon/ spa website and even your very own domain name.
Unfortunately it was very costly, tricky to do and actually not many clients even thought about looking for us online.
Over the years – and it took a while, but with the phenomenal growth of social media platforms things started to slowly change. Clients started to ask for our website so that they could see any of our offers and news.
As it goes, I actually sold by beauty salon business long before many online media platforms even existed.
I have written about before how my salons made a LOT of profit, but I am still sad that my business did not get the chance to utilise powerful opportunities through the internet-to make even more ££££!
It wasn’t the era for me or my spa – but it is for YOU and YOURS !
Would you like to save time, energy & money with a fabulous FREE salon/spa website?
Have you heard of WordPress? 

If you have you will know they are a great free website provider since 2005, with free blog hosting for registered users. They have literally thousands of free website themes to choose from. Every day, over one million new articles and over two million comments are published through them.

Additionaly SiteRubix is another helpful site we have found that allows you to have 2 websites free under their domain name. They are the perfect platform for salon and spas to create a beautiful and passionate site and blog.
Over and above this though our top choice for salon owners with very little computer experience would be Wealthy Affiliate. If you head on over there they also offer an array of free lessons with an online certification course, and plenty of step by step instructions.
They are the company I use myself for this website and I was still able to use WordPress and Siteruberix through them too!
To top it off Wealthy Affiliate offer training, videos, live chat and a whole array of other cool stuff to get you underway with a free salon website.
Check out this link to see a video of theirs on how to create a website in under 30 seconds! Just click on the link below.

Free website for your salon.

⬇️                                                                                                                                            ⬇️

Create a free website – In under 30 secs!
So, if you are ready to get super clear on the next steps to building your own free website and stop with the madness that involves paying a fortune for domain names & website hosting why wait.
Please can you do me one favour?

If you feel any of the above was helpful to you, please comment below. Also please comment or why send me a PM at – especially if you feel are stuck at the moment with any costly web hosting.
Same goes if you don’t know where to begin at all. I will to help you to navigate it all.
Best wishes to all you. You can make a lot of progress with this, make a lot of money for your salon online, and we will show you how.
Tracy Irvine.

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  1. Great information, as an entrepreneur I always need new ways to gain business. Making a website can be tricky and time consuming which is why I wanted to ask; what would you say is your favorite aspect of Wealthy Affiliate? Do they have an active community to help with questions?

    1. Hi Matt, I would have to say that my favourite aspect is the fact one can receive so much for free, including a free starter website and a seven day trial. They have a 24 hour live chat available through their community, and also site support which is great if you have any “techy” problems.

  2. SiteRubix is definitely a great site that offers 2 free websites. Beginners can take advantage of this, learn to navigate around WordPress, create relevant contents to publish on their site and learn everything they can before jumping to the premium side of the Wealthy Affiliate. I really wish I’ve found WA sooner so I did not have to go spend a lot of time watching numerous videos on you tube. Wealthy Affiliate is worth trying out for free and you can stay on starter membership for as long as you want. No pressures!

  3. I can’t agree more. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training to learn about internet marketing. We can build a good business website with no basic or no experience before. The leaders are great. They have built a great values that influence the character of the WA community.

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