Casually Mentioning A Tantric Massage

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Maybe I Should Casually Mention, I Went For A Tantric Massage!

Overlooking both the Bay of Banderas and the Sierra Madre mountains the Gringo Gulch, Puerto Vallarta houses many unique casas and businesses. 

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets within this colonia is Casa de Árbol, the city’s very own Tantra Experience Centre!

This summer I ended up living almost next door and never being one to lose my sense of wonder I went ahead and booked myself in for the experience offered – The Shiva’s Dance – a tantric experience!

The Meet And Greet.

Casa de Árbol is home and business to Reinhard and Yair who have lovingly restored the high-perched property into a haven for relaxation.

I approached the wrought-iron gate and rang the traditional cowbell. I was already feeling a sense of mystery as I peered into the garden with the huge 400 year-old tree.

400 year old tree.

Yair directed me to outdoor seating with breathtaking views over the city. I then met Reinhard and had an informal consultation over a cool glass of water. This consisted of asking me what I expected and a chat about all things tantra. 

We discussed the two types, Neo and Classic, the emphasis being on the one they practice – the Classic – the traditional, the original. Reinhard explained that the Shivas Dance experience is not intended to be a sexual practice, but instead a health-promoting, holistic experience, awakening all of the chakras.

I was told I would receive a high-quality massage based on the secrets of old Eastern philosophy, coupled with Western techniques. My muscle system would calm down automatically and my brainwaves would be brought into an “Alfa and Theta ” state. During this holy ceremony there would be no verbal communication, just spiritual communication in another dimension. It could also potentially offer me healing and erotism.

I was intrigued and excited to proceed!

What Was The Treatment Like?

I opted to go for the 2 hands massage performed by Yair. He took me into a room with a massage area, shower and bathroom. Adorned with feathers and beads, crystals and potions, the space radiated mystery.


The bed was positioned directly in front of an open window where the fresh air breeze swept white curtains around the impending view of the jungle.

Yair advised me to take a hot shower and relax on the bed. Enchanting, powerful music started to play as I got ready and I could smell incense perfuming the air. The 2 hour experience was about to commence.


I was lying on my stomach and areas of tension and knots in my back were being located and worked on. Aware that feathers were also being used gently on my skin I started to let go and unwind. Feelings of time and space were taking a different consciousness as I silently thanked myself for having the bravery to try something new.
Each move on the body is based on holy symbols, communicating with the sub- consciousness. Therefore in tantric massage the moves are not abrupt. They merge into each other, giving the impression there is no beginning, nor end. They are specific, at no time repeating the same spot, getting smaller, bigger, stronger, softer, moving downwards, upwards, never random. Each and every touch is surrounded by supporting music sequences.

The massage is also dance choreography and whilst he was working on my legs and feet and I was aware Yair was dancing, getting into his own meditative state and rhythm.

Potions and bottles.

On turning over a blindfold scarf was placed over my eyes and the rest of the massage continued with more feather stroking. I was now feeling at one with all, and happy in the knowledge we were only half way. At one point body closeness did come to a maximum as Yair got on the bed too. He lifted my lower body on top of his, so he could massage my lower back and buttock area. This was nothing different from any other massage technique, just done from a different angle. It was very pleasant, and in no way felt awkward or uncomfortable.

As time passed, feelings of time disappeared. My mind drifted between many thoughts – stuff that usually goes on in my head and the realization of how silly some of it is. In the same manner I was also perceiving what was around me – the nature, the energy in the room, and the fact that I was being cherished in a safe environment. 

At the end I pulled the scarf from my eyes and I noticed Yair was completely naked……. but so was I. Contrary to what you may or may not be thinking it wasn’t something that had been made a big deal off and realistically was half expected. Nothing remotely sexual occurred, yet a sense of being deeply connected to each other occurred simply through the art of relaxation.


I took another shower whilst Yair went to to prepare healthy juice. Afterwards we chatted for 30 minutes on what I had gotten out of the experience, and we chit-chatted about life.

Who Would Like This? 

Couples, a must! -especially for special, romantic occasions. Reinhard and Yair are dedicated to work together to bring an experience of feeling deeply connected to one another. 

Alternatively a single person can also opt for a 4 hands massage – something exhilarating and totally mesmerizing.

In essence there are many times in life where we don’t feel safe or loved and this is a chance to really let go, forget about all mediocre nonsense, to perceive things for what they are. Life is full of choices so unless you are extremely prudish, do not dismiss. If you want to be at one with all – nature, natural energy, your emotions and your heart, do it! 

There is of course so much more to say, but it may be enough to mention that on first thoughts or impressions tantra massage may resemble traditional massage, but it’s far from it. It wasn’t just a massage on a table, it was an enchanting visit to a different world!

Sweeping views.


Reinhard and Yair are also soon to be adding retreats, seminars and schooling on Tantra.

More information on prices, appointments etc can be found at Touch-Experience.

If you enjoyed this post or have any questions please comment below.

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  1. sounds wonderful.  From the setting to to the room layout and music.  I have never had a tantric massage, but I was very interested in reading.

    I can put myself in your place with the atmosphere, the music in time to the massage and be put into a really relaxed state.

    Thank for this info because I really had no idea what one was about.

  2. Wow! What an experience. I was really not sure how this was going to go when I clicked on this post. Tantric Massage? I thought that it was going to be something to make me blush. But in fact, it actually sounds downright magical from your description. 

    I would love to do this with my husband! (Would he though? I’m not sure how he would feel about a naked man being in the room. lol) Do you know of any places in the U.S. that do this type of thing? 

    1. Hi Christina, My husband was the same, but now I have been he is willing to try the couples massage for our next special occasion.
      I would imagine there are a lot of places in the USA offering this because on posting on social media I found a huge industry out there. Instagram is a great place to start looking.

  3. Your description of this whole experience was awesome. I felt like I was right there in the room with you. Sounds like something my wife and I would both enjoy and could probably use.

    I love your pictures and especially the 400 year old tree picture. Really cool!. I want to definitely visit this place.

    I am curious, would you have felt differently if you had known he was naked the whole time?

    Was the massage like a deep tissue massage or a combination of both soft and hard?

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I look forward to trying this.

    1. Hi Curtis, I actually had a heads up the masseur was going to be naked as a friend had already visited and told me her experience. I don’t think I would have felt different either way.
      The massage was a combination of both hard and soft. I would say intuitive yet following a pattern to the music. I hope I have encouraged you to try this through my article.

  4. I was quite surprised to read you went for a tantric massage but the more I read your article the more it became more intriguing and interesting. The article was written really professionally.

    I found your experience and the way you described it as one of a spiritual experience and it’s shown a new side to tantric massage.

  5. Wow, this felt like something out of those romantic novels, had to believe that it was an actual experience. I know that experience will never leave your mind. Though the link provided is not easy to navigate, my question is does one get to choose the exact products and person they want to perform the massage and I didn’t get to see their rates, maybe you can elaborate.

    1. Hi Anita, I am not sure how the link was difficult. Maybe you could elaborate?
      I wasn’t given a choice on products used, but I did get to choose which person and whether I wanted a 2 or 4 hands massage.
      The rates for the massage are provided by their own website. If you click on the Touch Experience link at the end of the post that should bring you to it. I feel their rates are extremely reasonable for a 2 hour plus experience, and a wonderful treat.

  6. Tantra Massage??

    Honestly, I had never heard about it and that was what made me want to read your post, I was so curious to know more!

    Thanks for sharing your experience and describing step by step about this incredible massage called Tantra.

    I kind of interpret the Tantra Massage as a kind of massage for your mind, helping us to detox from stress and daily life through the music and the aromatherapy more than what they do with there hands. 

    Am I correct? Or do you think the message on your body does something too? 

    Great story, by the way. Perhaps now that I know what Tantra Massage is I would think about it if one day I cross with a place like this. 

    1. I personally think the techniques used are similar to myofascial release, where stored emotions can be released during the treatment. You are correct.
      Every movement and touch is designed to flow naturally, so that you wouldn´t think that every sequence is measured in seconds of the corresponding music….but they are. Very magical indeed.

  7. The place sounds amazing but I don’t think my wife and I would like the massage experience that much as it seems way too personal and sexual with a person we don’t know. I came online looking to see what a tantric massage was all about and I can see the benefits with my wife but not with a complete stranger.

    Are there any tantric massage courses you can go on to learn how to do it properly?

    1. Tantric massage and all things tantra are both extremely popular. There are courses in many countries and the business I visited here in Mexico is about to start their own school soon. Some people already have a background in traditional massage before they train, others start from scratch, with the particular interest being the whole lifestyle.

  8. Wow! Thank you for introducing Tantric Massages to me! I knew nothing about Tantric Massages until I read this article. Then I started to do some research on it. Seems like a very powerful way to connect with your spirit self and align the chakras. A concept I’ve been very interested in for some time. The way you explained the whole thing made me visualize what it might have been like.  I love the pictures too. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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