Fast track your delegation skills!

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I’ll preface this by saying never underestimate just how much your salon or spa is going end up meaning to you.
As soon as you take the first step to opening your beauty business, right up until it becomes your blossoming purpose, it’s all going to make and leave a colossal mark on your world.
Somewhere in the middle of all this you are going to have to employ staff, and this is where you are going to have to fast track your delegation skills – like it or not!


You’ll have, without a doubt, literally poured youred heart into your beauty business, salon or spa.

Then you suss out that you are going to have to employ staff, and give them an extremely large reign on your your future legacy…..
This will be D-Day for you –  or your first delegation day.

Don’t like the the sound of that?

Then you will have to get over it quickly, because if want to be successful in business, you will need to be able to let go of the reigns.
Don’t despair, read on….. It’s all going be worth it and work out in the end!

Your employee is a person, your client is a person.

A very large part of not wanting to release some pressure of yourself by delegating tasks, treatments or responsibility to towards your staff is actually fear-based.
You have worked so hard to build up your clientele and you don’t want your employees to come along and muck things up or at the very worst lose some of your precious clients!
What you have to do here is try and stop yourself from seeing your employees as employees and your clients as clients.
See them all as the one thing – people.
…… which of course they are – your employee is a person and your client is a person. Even thinking like this will take a little bit of pressure off your nervous soul as you can start to see things in a different perspective.
Here goes:
Don’t think of your employee as someone you are irreversibly yet uncontrollably responsible for (this is what your boss head will be telling you).
Equally don’t think off your client as someone who wants perfection from you, and only you (this is what your nostalgic yet overly-protective business head will be telling you).
Both are wrong.
(Well both are tiny bit right actually) BUT not to the point where any major disaster is going to happen or you are going to be forced to close up shop!

Try not to let your feelings and emotional attachments to your clients or your business spiral way out of control at the point of your first delegation, so much so that you cannot see your staff or clients as people, rather than your personal responsibilities.
They are your responsibility to a certain point (as it’s all happening on your territory or on your shift, so to speak,) but you a just a person too…. one single human, and you simply cannot control everything in your salon yourself, forever.

How to really get your head around delegation.

Ok, we have identified that you are just one human, not superhuman, and it’s time for you to man up /lady up and delegate!
How do you sort out the other two, the staff and the clients?
I say sort out, so that you feel you still have some kind of control. I’m nice like that, it’s D-Day for you…
Now that you have hopefully got your head around the fact that your employee is just a person like you and your client is just a person like you, then you can start to get your head around the fact that no-one is out to mess up your business (staff) or even cause trouble by being a fussy (clients).
They have actually all turned up to help – you!
– By growing your salon and giving you money!
Remind yourself of this and your soul will be soothed again.

Work on this abundance thinking in your own head. There is an abundance of work everywhere and if the first appointment you give your employee with your beloved client doesn’t go well, then you can sort it out, always.
Still not sure? Read on….

You can’t always have full control, but you will always have reign.

Try to let go a little at a time when you have to delegate tasks, or appointments to your staff. Even though this is hard it still has to be done – unless of course you are happy to remain a one-man band forever.
Introduce staff to tasks and clients slowly. If things are going peachy, great – Give a little bit more reign and trust.
If things don’t go well tighten the reigns in a bit again and lessen the responsibility or the delegation until the therapist is a bit more experienced or well-practiced.
Always keep a close eye, even if you have to knock on a salon door during a treatment to check if everything is okay.
Having an open, trusting relationship with your staff and telling them your fears will also help. Let them your know your feelings and how important these tasks and duties are to you – and to the smooth running of your business. Tell them how important the clients are to you and how hard you have worked to build up your lovely clientele.
Also when introducing your clients to a new therapist who is going to be taking over their treatments from you be enthusiastic! Introduce your therapist with confidence and pride.
You have to, you hired her!

Delegate with ease.

Remember yourself the great qualities you first saw in her. Reassure your client that you are certain her treatment is going to be perfect, and if not she always has the choice to come back to you.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I sincerely hope you can keep a sane head when delegating in the future. Have faith, and your unique legacy, your lifeline will fine.
You have been blessed with a dream salon, now you must stretch it’s capabilities, so it and you can really thrive. Have faith, let other people help you and this will lessen your load.


Have you ever been hesitant when delegating? Are you at that point where you need to right now?

Please feel free to comment below.


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  1. Hi Tracy,
    I really love the way you coach your reader through the process of delegation. I love the way you invite us into a paradigm shift by seeing the similarities between our staff, our clients (and even ourselves) as people. Your entire post makes the prospect seem hopeful and promising. Thank you for the care, too, that you are showing through this post to each of us.

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