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UR Power Essential Oil Diffuser Review.

Product: UR Power Essential Oil Diffuser.

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I have had my UR Power Essential Oil Diffuser for many years now,  since I had my salons. I am currently using it as a mosquito repeller as I live in Mexico and the natural essential oils when diffused thank goodness keeps them at bay.
It has many other benefits though I felt I had to share. For such little cost it can add SO much ambience to a spa or salon. Here it is in along with its essential oils still going strong.
Still works after many years!

Still works after many years!

The diffuser itself is used to clean the air and fragrance it naturally.
It is commonly known that diffusing essential oils can purify the air of germs, creating a healthy environment and at the same time can help people with allergies.
On top of this the oil blends used with it put of the most wonderful aromas -lavender, orange, sandalwood, eucalyptus and peppermint. You can mix and match as you wish, depending on what mood is needed. So perfect for a salon, as when the clients enter they get this fresh, natural smell to start off their relaxation time.
Another fantastic feature is it can change colour with the installed 7 colour light system. The glow it puts off, changing colour every few seconds gives a mesmerising glow all around your room.

Showing are 4 of the beautiful 7 light changes that radiate soothingly  when it is switched on. When doing a massage or a facial this effect adds perfectly to the ambience, whilst also cutting out the need for candles.
What does it do? The effect is amazing when the lights are off, and combined with the wonderful natural smells a sense of total relaxation occurs. Natural germ killer and air purifier.
Where and when can I use it?
You can use indoors anywhere for up to 6 hours at a time. Perfect for use in an office, baby room or salons and spas in particular are a perfect environment for this relaxing gem.
Is there anything bad about it?
Nothing at all. It even has a safety mechanism which enables it to automatically shut off after 6 hours.
You won’t be sorry, it’s a small price for bringing luxury to your salon!
Check out a more updated version of this item here, which brings a nice Zen look into the equation. Also it is always recommended to use high quality real essential oils.    








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