Salon Spa Uniforms – Traditional or Funky?

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You Wear It Well! 

Traditionally we always saw beauticians wearing white.

It represented clean freshness at beauty school we were told. The salon spa uniforms handed out were always stark  with maybe a touch of colour added in the form of a logo. The students names were sometimes sewn and embroidered in somewhere on this pretty dress.

I can remember many times been mistaken for a nurse when out in public places because of the white. I can also remember the pain of trying to keep it white over many months of usage. The dress style never really suited the physical nature of being a therapist either, what with all the kneeling and bending we have to do.

Therapist or nurse?

Thankfully over the decades beauty salon and spa attire changed. Feminine, then funky colours became available in the form of tunics, and trousers began to be considered acceptable.

Many salons chose black as their choice of colour as wax, tint, fake tan etc always seemed to land on said uniforms, and black was far more forgiving in the wash.

In order to stand out nowadays and to have a suitable look for your salon it is generally considered for all staff to have a similar look, if not the same uniform. Getting everyone to agree on a style, colour and look is not easy however, especially when females are involved!

I have found that a T-shirt look seems one that everybody is happy wearing and combined with a comfortable pair of trousers sometimes keeps everyone happy! A good idea is to come up with a funky slogan that makes both your staff and clients chuckle or smile.

Alternatively having your salon’s name and logo embedded on their attire or uniforms is always a great idea, as everywhere they walk in your town or city they will then be advertising your spa.

Remember to try and keep everyone delighted with your choice of uniforms as happy staff that know they look good will be more confident when dealing with clients. Give them free reign to choose say the neckline, length, colour etc, they will feel included in the decision and be more happy to wear it in style!


What style of uniform does your spa have, or have you come across a therapist wearing a lovely style? 

Do you find it easy to source nice apparel?

What look have you gone for- feminine, funky, modern or traditional?


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  1. Very interesting article. I never put much thought into salon outfits. I don’t like the white outfits because they look to nurse like and if I am there to relax and get spa treatments I don’t want to feel like imma get poked with needles. The t-shirt idea is perfect especially with a cute slogan or logo that way you make it comfortable but professional. Great article!

    1. Ha, poked with needles…..but I see exactly where you are coming from. I personally think something more colourful or a calming colour work best. Thanks for commenting.

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