Taking A New Year Break Will Make Your Beauty Business Soar!

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You are of course appreciative of clients, staff and opportunities that present themselves over the year, but nostalgic vibes aside, I would like to encourage you to think of your business in terms of monetary gains for 2018.

It’s one of the reasons you get out of bed every day, so why shouldn’t it be a main focus? You’re not doing this for fun.
It’s time to get serious about revenue, can claim the business beyond your dreams.


How Can Taking A New Year’s Break Help?

We know how frantic December is and how we cry out for a break. It’s common sense to take a week off to:

  • Recharge after the bustling season
  • Give your staff paid holidays whilst trade is slow
  • Re-decorate, re-organize or undertake any other task that is normally impossible
  • Have a look at paperwork chores you’ve been putting off and do an end of year profit and loss
  • Follow up with any debtors….those pesky clients with bounced cheques, or the ones who consistently no show
  • Look at your social media accounts and finally find out how to make money from them
In the New Year your Business can soar!

Rich On Money In Your Spa!

If you re-charge time during the quietest month of the year, you are not only going to come back to work with vigor, you are also going to save a colossal amount of money in electric, heating, air-conditioning etc.
Balance this out with what you would actually make if you opened in January. It can be a very dry month.

Because you have to give your staff so many weeks out of the year paid leave, it makes sense to ask them to take the first week of January off.  This is a way for you to get one week of their holidays out of the way, whilst they get time off to spend with their families. For this you must have staff contracts with a clause suggesting you will be doing this, to fit in with profit seasonality.
In my experience this is perfectly acceptable, as staff realize that they are still free to choose the dates of the rest of their vacations.

Choose this month to re-decorate.

Choose this month to re-decorate or re-design your space can save a lot of money as it saves you closing your doors during precious trading hours in the busier 11 months. Tradesmen are often willing to discount a small amount at this time, as trade is slow.

Paperwork. Often overlooked, your accounts can be an interesting eye-opener at the end of the year. It’s sometimes a shock to see how much money has gone out as opposed to just watching the money coming in.

Lastly, social media.

Why not make 2018 your year to take your social media seriously. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest can all make you money. Don’t let these popular platforms be left out.

Hiring A Consultant Or Business Coach Could Sky-Rocket Your Business 

Would you like someone to help double takings on chosen treatments?
How about help with your website and social media accounts, or even someone to operate these for you?
Does keeping all your staff happy and more productive sound appealing?
And how about saving your business this year with tactics for every beauty entrepreneur.

Why not treat your business and yourself to support, encouragement and guidance that you can only be gained from someone who has already been there, done it?

A salon or spa coach can show you how to increase profitability, build your team and measure your growth correctly – all whilst allowing yourself more time off.

Hiring a coach or consultant for your beauty business.

Change Can Happen Once You Know What To Do.

The final news is that most consulting or coaching can be written off as as business expense, through professional services or education and training.

You can be safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to handle every decision or crisis alone. Perhaps it will be your year to let go of a salon situation you cannot control or need help and advice with.

Nothing is unattainable and help is there, if you are ready to grow.


Are you facing any problems or worries in your business right now?

Would you consider hiring a business coach to help you out?

Please leave your comments below.

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  1. You give some really great reasons why taking a week off in January could be a wise move. The part about having your employees all taking the week off and making it part of a contract would never have occurred to me. Two questions:1) Is it legal to mandate paid vacation dates (in the US)? 2) How much do beauty consultants or coaches cost? Again, I’m in NY but curious what it typically costs in the UK. Thanks so much for these great tips!

    1. Hi Lynn,
      After consulting with a few of my clients it seems in the US this varies state to state with different employment laws and classification of employment. I would advise them to talk with their lawyer, or for a cheaper option their local Small Businesses Development centre. It does seem many states do allow, if written into the staff contract, agreed, and signed with witnesses.
      About the cost of consultancy for salons and spas, again it can vary a lot, depending on advice and help needed.
      Many help for free in the beginning, and prices can range from $50 to $10,00 . This of course is a wide scale. We hope to price our up and coming courses on what the salon owners can afford to suit their needs, and also based on how much profit they wish to achieve in a certain timescale.
      Thank you for your interesting questions .

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