The business of the 21st century is beauty.

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We have to look back approximately 30 years to see how far our industry has perfected and grown. Back in the 80 ‘s not many ladies got their eyebrows “shaped”, hair removal was done with a razor and men did not even think of stepping foot in a spa!
Beauty salons were typically a room a the back of your local hairdressers.

Unfortunately our treatments were thought as an add-on to having your hair done or something ladies had done once a year -for a treat!
Then something happened…
Beauty salons and spas became THE business of the 21st century.

Was this well-timed to coincide with a new era – in some new beauty salon society, coming of age?
I believed it was always going to happen and I attended my local beauty school, back in the late 80’s to eagerly learn how to help people to put their (manicured feet) up and relax, and to let their (groomed) hair down to party.
Why did this collossal popularity growth occur?

Part of the reason for this happening was the fact that women had more access to disposable income. Females in employment were for the first time being granted equal pay to men.

Minimum wage was introduced. Then came more rights for pregnant women in the workplace, making it desirable for mothers to keep working full time.

More and more women were opting for full time employment after having their family. This meant they had to look good, well-kept and groomed for all sorts of professional positions. It also meant women were exhausted by juggling roles and were looking for some ways to relax.
Enter the beauty industry. It was a huge door of opportunity and a great time to be part of it.

Of course over the decades it became quite right for men to feel comfortable having the same pampering and looking good. This was usually after being dragged by their wife or girlfriend to this new fancy place in town where their looks could be improved. Or perhaps to see where the gift vouchers for the next treat for the lady in their lives could be bought!
Try keeping the men away now!

50/50 ratio men to women in a lot of salons clientele is certainly not rare.
But what is the whole story behind this phenomenon growth?

Our cultures have always encouraged us all to be concerned with beauty and grooming, through families, friends and peers. Society and media of all kinds have also caused us perhaps to be overly anguished in our looks.
Women in particular even to this day still pain over their fading youth, with social media adding to the constant pressure.

Is this really why beauty salons and therapists thrived so well over these last few decades?

Of course not!!!

THIS is why I believe we thrive – and why we are called to the beauty industry:-

Nobody knows better than beauty professionals that in each visit to the salon the actual grooming is only a small equal part of why the client has arrived at the front door.
For a start the salon is an oasis where the client can be whoever they want.
They can tell their therapist all their woes and get them off their chest, or have a one-to-one conversation with a real person who is actually listening to them – for a whole hour or two! They can even act like an excited drama queen and have lots of fun doing it!
How we make our clients feel is as important as how we make them look.

Then secondly there is the touch aspect and the human contact.
Nothing helps someone to open up, relax, feel appreciated etc, like a touch on the shoulder, a massage, a relaxing scalp or even eye treatment.

It really is the human element with a heart felt touch.

Tears, tears and more tears will flow forth regularly in a salon. No therapist goes a whole week without tears shed by a client.
This is TRUTH and we feel privileged to be the ones to be there for them.

Psychology and psychotherapy sessions are always included free – what a bargain!

We are often the house where weddings, funerals, parties, baby showers, teenage parties and whatever other celebrations begin. Memories are made within our four walls.

And within our four walls secrets are always safe too. It’s the unwritten rule of our trade.

“We make clients smile, we always greet them with great energy and our ultimate goal is to make them more beautiful, powerful, happy and content.
We change how they feel in the most positive

We help them with their daily struggles by offering kind words and we choose to give the gift of confidence.” – Tracy Irvine

People, their feelings and their looks are such important factors that we are so privileged to work with everyday.

We have the power to make someone feel they are beautiful, sexy, important and understood… sometimes in all of 5 minutes!
These are the real reasons why our industry has grown phenomenally in the last few decades.

There was always that gap in the market…….. AND there’s absolutely no going back now. The beauty industry is still growing and there is so much yet untapped.

One last word on this post – At the end of a hard day most therapists look at the time and say  “Where did the day go“. We as therapists never have to watch the clock, sit bored or wish the day wouldn’t drag.

Each and everyday is fun and different, doing what we love, and we go home satisfied knowing we have touched people’s lives in the most beautiful way.



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  1. Hey,
    Thank you so much for this text beautiflly written! It is really smooth and relaxing. You really know what you are talking about and it is visible you do it well! Through your writting, we can feel your tranquilising presence. It is a pleasurable experience. You are a good therapist! Just reading you made me feel beautiful “inside and out”
    Mary Jo

  2. As a niche blogger, I am actually thrilled to learn that the beauty industry has such a strong influence in our day-to-day life. From the moment we wake up to look at ourselves in the mirror, dressing the kids for school and unwinding ourselves at night, a lot has got to do with beauty and style.

    And within these micro moments is where we look up on Google to search for information and solutions for beauty tips. I’ve done some in depth research on this niche, big or small, and found tremendous of keyword opportunities that businesses can leverage from.

    There’s no doubt that the 21st century is looking bright in the beauty department.

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