The Ultimate Deal On Having No Experience .

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You’re newly qualified in a busy salon looking nervously down at the appointment page. It’s packed full with a day of clients – for you!
Or maybe you’re experienced, getting your room ready for a client, just like you’ve done a thousand times before. Only this time it’s a new treatment, one you have just qualified.
Either way, you have no experience and are nervous.
How can you give the impression of being confident, excited and eager, when you feel like you don’t have a clue?

Acting “As If” Is Powerful.

The treatment you are about to perform will be your first time, and a client is going to pay you (good money).
You feel like crawling under the beauty bed or reception desk and not coming out until closing, right?

A little change in state-of-mind about your ability to perform will go a long way to getting you started.
Start by telling yourself that you are capable, and then start acting “as if ”you are.

A bit of magic will start to happen.
When you pretend to be more experienced than you are, you will behave differently. This is because you have changed your behavior and your attitude and mental state will follow suit.
Your self-consciousness over your inability to handle a situation will slip away as you become more poised and confident.

Don’t believe me? Try it, or read up.
It’s part of the Law of Attraction and is commonly used by entrepreneurs and business-minds across the globe.
Just pretend. Pretend to be the experienced therapist you want to be already.
What would she be doing, saying, and acting like? Simply proceed into being her.

Pretending is one of the most powerful means of manifesting or becoming.

No experience

Why You Have To Pretend Already.

It’s up to you to do this pretend and there are many reasons why.
For a start, clients are unlikely to be wooed by or even take advice from a non-confident therapist, leading to poor outcomes such as not re-booking, or trusting you with product recommendations.

Secondly, you owe it to colleagues to become as experienced in as many treatments as you can. It takes the workload off them, and you have an important role to play as a valuable member of the team. No-one likes that worker who whines they can only do this treatment or that treatment – especially when they’re not willing to try. Being passive and feeling inferior go together. It can become a lazy habit if you avoid training in new treatments.

Thirdly if a client knows you are new, she will be waiting to suss you out. You can easily make up for a lack of experience by being bubbly and enthusiastic. Tell her how much you love doing it and how the trainer thought you were the best in the class! Tell her you have a natural flair. She will enjoy telling her friends how she was the first to discover you!

Lastly being average or the “same old” is nothing to aspire to in the beauty industry. It’s a constantly changing game and you have to keep up to win! Your salon awaits your full presence, as do your employer, clients, and colleagues.

It will always be hard to perform new treatments in the beginning and you will struggle, but don’t quit. Keep at it, slowly and surely. If and when you have no experience don’t worry. This will steal joy in your beauty career and keep you busy doing nothing. Instead, concentrate on how you can fully serve clients with the gift of new talents.

Some Final Tips.

Still feel like a final push?
Here are cool tips to try:
* Tell your manager or employer your concerns and ask them if the treatment could be discounted for a short time. This gives you a safety net and the salon could run a special promotion to boot!
* When you are setting up your room, desk, or treatment area, keep calm and focus all attention on getting everything perfect for the client. Having everything in order takes away stress, and focusing on the client’s needs before she arrives will shift focus away from your fears.
* Make sure you have studied and know everything about the treatment. Your superior knowledge will go a long way to convincing clients of your abilities, even if the practical side needs more practice.
* Ask some friends and family to book in for your first few attempts. By the time you have done any new treatment a couple of times, speed, confidence, and ability will have increased.

Always remind yourself how far you have come, and think about all those rooting for you. They all just want you to win.

Once a couple of weeks have passed the need to “act if” will slip away. You will already be the therapist you were pretending to be.

No more pretend!



Do you have any concerns about the points above?

Do you have a story about your time of inexperience to tell?

Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Hi Tracy,
    What a great post – thanks for sharing. I’ll tell you something, your wisdom of “as if” is so spot on. Obviously it works in a wide variety of contexts – whether it’s a new beautician settling into her first day or a businessman about to give his first presentation to a a personal trainer gearing up for his first client, it can benefit all of them.
    I first heard of the “as if” from a website that is about how to increase confidence and loved it then as well – great great advice.
    Your experience in the beauty industry really shines through in this post – thanks again for sharing!
    Mat A.

  2. This was excellent reading I can relate this message to so many things in my life that I have been through. When I sit down and actually think about it. We all use to pretend to be/do something for the moment the time came to actually do it. It helps us in my opinion mold ourselves into the people we desire to become. Then one day we won’t have to pretend anymore because we will be the person that we were once pretending to be.

  3. As if… I like this. Richard Branson said… ‘If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!’ It feels as if this is the same thing. How to cope when you have no experience. Fake it till you make it? Great post. Thank you.

    1. We are a consultancy website designed to help therapists Nadalie.
      I started over 20 years ago in the industry so all thoughts come from personal experience. Please point your esthetician friends in our direction. We have all lot of free info on our site to help them, and we are here to support. Thanks so much for commenting.

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