These 6 Simple Newsletter Tricks Will Pump Up Your Sales!

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I’m not going to you that sending out regular newsletters by email is a task that’s going to make you rich. Indeed not!

On top of this I know the common thoughts that race through every spa owner’s head just at the mere mention of writing :

What will I even write about, I’m not a good writer?

I can’t be bothered, I already have enough to do!

But I went to school to study beauty, not writing or journalism!

Did you know that if done correctly, emailing your clients with news from your spa or salon IS a fantastic way to re-connect, influence and bring more money into your spa. Committing just one hour per week is not only going to increase your sales, but is also one of the best ways to build trust, engage with, educate and gain loyalty from your clients.

Write a newsletter.

Think About It!

It’s a free opportunity with no cost in advertising! You can showcase your products and treatments, build your brand and commicate with your clients. If you’re not already doing this you literally are missing out.

Where does the increased sales and money -making come in?
Let’s take a look at just a few examples of what you can write about and how this will equate to pumping up your sales quickly.

Write about and use these 6 simple tricks:

1. Your best running special of the month| ? Mention there are a limited amount of spaces. Urgency gets people to commit and book quickly, boosting your weekly targets.

2. The engaging news that’s happening at your salon| ?News about staff, decor, plans, awards, basically anything! Tell them if they pass your newsletters onto a friend they will get a discount next time they book themselves and their friend. Ask for referrals. Make it time sensitive again.

3. Exclusive VIP invites| ? Some clients love this kind of thing – being the first to be invited to parties. Make sure you know which clients these are and invite them!  Have 3 for 2 purchases on your products at your event, and offer discounts for bookings made on the night.

4. Product tips showcasing how your product can be used| ? Again, free advertising. You could also have a product of the month.

5. Have exclusive occassional freebie giveaways. | ? Make sure that the giveaway is for clients who have had a certain amount of treatments, or purchased such and such an amount. This will keep clients motivated to read your newsletter,  and it’s always good to reward loyalty. Ask your product supplier if there is a way for you to get discounted products for this. The answer is usually yes. That way you haven’t spent any money on advertising AND the client is either going to have to come in to pick up her prize. If you don’t want to do a free giveaway with your products, make it a short treatment instead.

6. Reply to questions regularly asked by clients| ? Chances are if one person is asking, lots of people will want to know. By answering any question you can always solve a client’s beauty problem with either a product or a treatment. If you’re not going to solve it, another salon or spa will.                            ——————————————————————————————————————–

So you see, anything you write about is going to increase your sales.
You are going to be offering something of value, even if it’s just professional advice and it will only take a few minutes of your time.

You are going to create a newsletter your client’s are going to love!

Have fun with it and enjoy showcasing your talents and achievements.

Here is an example of a newsletter I receive regularly by email. It is written well, is pretty to the eye and is always informative to read – Blazing Lotus Healing House Newsletter
Have a look at other salon or spa websites to see if they run a newsletter by email. Sign up for a few to give yourself a bit of inspiration.


Building And Managing Your Email List.

You are actually in a very good position already to start, as most of you are likely to have your client’s email addresses in your records, whether online or on paper record.
If not, don’t worry.

Start now, by asking every client for their email address. Explain to anyone who is nervous of this that it is for a newsletter you’d love to send then periodically.

Remember to say that it will be weekly or monthly, depending on what you are going to do, and most importantly tell them you will never spam them or share their email address. Most people will already know this, but there are always a few hesitants. Most people nowadays also know they can unsubscribe at any time, so you really shouldn’t have much problems.
Once you have a list of emails you’re set to go!

When you get to the stage where there are too many people on your list to do this task manually, you will need to sign yourself up with an email and autoresponder service.

I like Mailerlite or Mailchimp as they both have free tiers, which mean they are free to use for the first so many subscribers you have.

There are also other companies such as Aweber, GetResponse or Constant Contact.

Pick the one that is best for your needs and then just get writing!

A few tips to remember- be organized and try and post regularly.

Proof -read what you have written. You want it to look professional.

Schedule at least an hour a week for this. If you just can’t, find a member of staff who would absolutely  love to do this task.


What’s Next?  

Now that you have some practice with writing, the next step is to start your own salon website or blog to reap the benefits of building your client relationships.

The opportunities again are endless! 

You can run competitions for your clients, share sales and promotions online, share photos, place money making adverts on the pages, etc, etc!

It may all sound daunting but once you get into it it’s so engaging and fun. You can get your staff involved too and all of this will make your business so much more professional, up -to-the minute and will be beneficial to both you and your clients.

Here at SalonSupremacyPro we will be featuring a post here next week educating on building your own free website. Check in to see how you can integrate your social media, email campaigns and your website easily –  ALL to your business advantage.






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  1. Hey there! Great article on sales writing! I learned a lot here. I like trick #1 and 2 best. I think using a sense of urgency can help seal the deal faster. Also, sharing the ongoings of a business may bring customer closer. I have tried Mailchimp but may be I don’t really know how to fully use it. Any recommendations on where I can get good tips on Mailchimp? Thanks for the article!

    1. I like Mailchimp’s own blog and also through Wealthy Affiliate.
      WA seem to have a lot of members who choose Mailchimp and they discuss pointers on their member forums .

  2. This is really interesting stuff. In my experience the hardest part with any business is really to make sales. Engaging your clients by telling them about special offers and giving them news on what is happing and what they can expect later on seems like a great way to improve conversions.
    I can think of several things that I have bought online for example. Many of those things were bought after reading a bunch of engaging, interesting and tempting e-mails from a vendor. emails that were not only fun to read but which also provided useful information.
    Thank you for these tips, I sure will make good use of them.

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