Your Product Supplier Is Your Best Bet To Grow.

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Choosing the best product range for your salon  is one of the most important decisions you will make, as up to 50% of your earnings in a day can come from selling your products. On quiet days your product sales can literally save your salon, and your bank balance!

Haven’t you heard- your product supplier is your best bet to grow.

Your products will ultimately showcase your ethos, your professionalism and your salon’s message.
Ask any therapist how motivated she is to sell her products when she has had a slow day and you will probably hear a story on how it was a miracle that a certain client saved her from being a “starving artist”… or a starving therapist, simply by buying a couple of products one day before leaving.
The truth behind the story was no miracle- rather that the therapist was super motivated to sell – and she of course filled a client’s need at the same time.

Choose the best!

Most of us aren’t wary of selling our products.

We know that our clients are going to be buying their cleanser, moisturizer, body cream, make-up or other products anyway – either online, in the supermarket, at a home pamper party or in a shopping centre or mall.

We know we can save them time and energy and get the best quality product exactly suited to their needs as we are the professionals.
The key here to making this all work in a seamless, natural way is getting the correct product range for you and your spa in the first instance.
There are no best product companies or no superior ones. There is just the best company and products for your spa, your salon’s ethos and your majority clientele.

So how do you go about get the best product line for your spa? 

Here are some examples:
In a trendy part of town or an up and coming area? –  Go for an innovative brand or possibly the newest product line available, as your clientele will already be looking for it, or even know about it.
In a hipster area? –  Go for sustainable, organic, natural ingredients.
In an affluent area?  – You should go for a more expensive line, to meet demand and expectations. Perhaps a more scientific- based, results driven brand.
In a not so affluent area? –  Go for a less expensive range as your clients will be turned off by high prices. Look for fun products (not to say quantity over quality) – definitely still go for a professional range, but look more towards the smaller companies, like mail order, or partner with a well known party plan brand.
Salon in a remote area ? – Why not look out for a locally made brand that compliments the enchantment of your unique area of the world.
Salon where there is much competition close by ? – Consider manufacturing your own range to really make your salon stand out and re-inforce your brand.

These are just some tips to consider, but always take into consideration as well what products your nearest competitor salons are using. You will be limiting your sales if the salon round the corner from you stocks the same products. In fact, many product lines run an exclusively clause which only allows salons outwith a certain mile radius of each other to stock their products. This is to stop any salon failing with their sales due to market saturation of their product in one town or city.

And how do we know which products not to buy?

Obviously every sales rep that contacts you is going to announce that they have the best product on the market right now.
Protect yourself from falling for the wrong sales pitch by following the following steps:
Always sample the product yourself before committing to any line. Either ask for free samples in the mail prior to a sales meeting, or go and have a treatment yourself in another spa that uses the product line you have your eye on. If you are having a treatment remember, it’s market research, so pay close attention. Do you absolutely love the smell, feel, texture and results of the treatment?  If you don’t then it’s not for you or your spa.
Be wary of companies who say you have to place a very large initial order, display their items in a certain (unrealistic) way, or even reach a target of sales every month to comply. You really don’t need that kind of snobbery or pressure in your life!
Never feel obliged to buy products from a rep who claims she/he has driven hundred of miles to see you today, booked a hotel to stay over, blah, blah – it’s their job, so don’t fall for these sad stories.
On the other hand don’t dismiss the good guys. Product sales reps are our lifeline and have excellent knowledge on their products, how your salon can succeed through them, and the beauty industry overall.

Many have been in the industry a long time and many have been therapists themselves. They have a wealth of knowledge to divulge and giveaway , they are very talented at selling and always happy to pass on their golden tips. As this post title suggests, meeting the right sales rep with quality products to showcase can truly be a very rewarding win/ win situation all round.

Go with your gut instinct – you will know if a company and their product line is right for you probably 10 minutes into a sales meeting.

The final decision.

It is always a great idea to filter your choice down to 2 of your absolute favorite choices. Then… ask your clients!
Ask them which one they would like to see you stock and treat them with.

Do a poll, in salon or online through your social media. Make it a big announcement when  the results come in.

Once the decision is made remember the buck stops with you as to how successful your product line is going to be.

Take absolutely every advantage of every training your product company offers you and make sure you know every product inside and out.

Always be ready for when a client asks questions by knowing at LEAST 2 ingredients in every product and at LEAST 3 benefits to the client in using every one.
Display your products in a beautiful and imaginative way and cross promote them regularly with your treatments i.e. 10% off any moisturizer this month with every facial, buy 2 products get one free etc.

Lastly use all the products yourself so you can be be the best advocates for your chosen brand and wear, use, and enjoy them with pride.

You’ll get a lovely staff discount too 😉.

Which product ranges do you use in your salon?  Was it an easy decision?

Or, as a client what are your favorites?

Please leave your comments below.


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  1. Hey Tracey, I know my salon hasn’t made the connection yet. They don’t have any add-on products that are ideally congruent with a salon and it’s an upscale salon. I see the supplier for hair care come in and the Stylists make their selection but they don’t go beyond hair care. Leaving money on the table is never good for business.

  2. My bestie just started her salon and has been very slow to carry product, mostly due to the cost of inventory…
    She does all services except make-up application. She is now stocked with a nail care line. She stays fairly busy and is ready to carry a full line of hair products. It’s just her- what would you recommend for a small boutique type salon?

    1. With a boutique salon I would be inclined to go for French skincare or hair care, as this would tie in nicely with the elegant, sophistication of a boutique salon or spa.
      Some product companies will let you stock on a sales only commission basis, which means your friend can stock a larger amount of product without have to purchase a large inventory initially. She wouldn’t make as much money on her sales to start, just a commission, but once her clients got to know the products she could change to buying a larger amount at cost price. She could check out something like,- low inventory and great commissions.
      Also, if her salon is boutique I would recommend selling a good amount of complimentary goods such as candles, soaps, fine and herbal teas, aromatherapy oils etc.

  3. Very helpful article for product supplier for people who own salons, the products you sell can make or break your business for sure.

    Great tips on choosing product suppliers and products for your business, I am sure this article will help many salon owners.

    So nice of you to share this information with others, so they too can grow

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